Underground hip-hop artist—Angelo X, known as Santange to his music followers, has found a new creative voice, jumping off the music stage right into the local culinary scene.  A natural in the kitchen, Angelo's culinary talent first emerged at 9 years old when the budding chef would cook up a storm for his friends after school. 

Mostly self-taught, he deconstructs recipes using his extraordinary palate, and re-works them by spinning his signature magic, creating inventive menu offerings. Rather than opting for a single style of cuisine, the plates and ingredients nod to Angelo’s kitchen mantra: Flavour always comes first.

Although there are still traces of Santange in him, Angelo is ready to take a step back from his music career and fully dedicate himself to his true soul’s calling of being a chef.  PORCO has allowed Angelo to let his guard down and finally be his true authentic self.  He is grateful to be part of the PORCO family, and for the opportunity to spread his wings in the kitchen, creating genuinely flavourful dishes for everyone to enjoy.